Nasty secret

I have a nasty secret..I yell at my Guides/Guardian Angels. I am so fully human (well, sorta 🙂 that I have days when I get pissy and mad and wonder if my helpers are even helping at all as I look around me and see others faring better who have no clue about their Angels. Yes, very “un” spiritual. Ha ha. So, in those moments, my Guides are rather patient with me as I break down and act like a real jerk. I am thinking that my daughter was right–perhaps I was an angel to my angel in another time and so all this is deserved karma. 🙂

I am always amazed when I meet so-called spiritual people who have managed to avoid emotions and be always positive. They think that having “bad” emotions is very below us and we should always remain positive so we attract what we want, etc. etc. I say poop to that! Part of my earth school assignment, as I see it, is to experience all it has to offer, which includes all the emotions, including me being very petty and pissy sometimes. I won’t fall into the spiritual perfectionism. Besides, most of us are experiencing a great deal of healing and clearing right now, which includes letting out some nasty, old feelings that need to be looked at and then they can leave.