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The importance of rest

I learned a valuable lesson this weekend. As an empath, it’s quite easy for me to pick up everyone’s “stuff” and be a giant, psychic sponge. I have to be very vigilant in creating protection and clearing that stuff out. Yesterday, I was becoming increasingly cranky and punchy, and I repeatedly ignored my own body’s cry for rest. My psychic channels were clogging–my head hurt. After I finally lied down to take that rest, I woke up clear-headed, calm, and hearing my own guidance. All from resting! Was that possible? When I’m tired, my defenses are down and all the goop in the air comes flying in. Next, I’ll become un-centered. When I’m in that state, I race around trying to take care of everyone’s needs except my own. After that, I can’t hear my own guidance. I only hear my logical mind, which gives some odd advice. So, napping is good psychic self-care!



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5 thoughts on “The importance of rest

  1. I am amazed with this post. Son, Husband and I were out on the weekend and this happened to us as well. All three of us had “issues” with something cranky and unsettling.

    After talking to my friend Zoe, she and her daughter exprienced the exact same thing. She, being absolutely amazing, was able to deal with it all and let us know exactly what had been affecting us.

    Nasty, bad, negative vibes were out and about and needed to be dealt with.

    With a bit of rest we have all come out of it GREAT!

    Just remember – this happened to us and we are in Australia! How the universe works is something I still don’t get – and in saying that, hope that I never do – I love the mystery.

  2. I think we must be plugged into the energies! I am accutely aware how sensitive I am becoming to energy. Have you noticed an increase? I find it amazing that you felt the same thing in Australia (hey, Melissa, didn’t know you were all the way over there!) We are all so connected indeed!

  3. G’day from Oz or should I say the Land Down Under.

    The negative energy has increased heaps!

    Friend Zoe, sooooooo very talented, said that it cold be tied in with Halloween. A lot of negative energy around the Mall next to shops selling stuff. We of course do not have this attachment to Halloween, (it is just ‘another American gimmick’) but stores like Toys’r’us are all decked out getting kids hyped up and adults pissed off.

    Wish whatever it is could ‘put on a happy face’ and smile!

  4. Its is indeed useful to sense oncoming negative vibes and to learn to work through them before they take control. The idea of reminding yourself about positive thinking really helps!

  5. HI Liara, yes I think if we are in a positive mood, much is deflected. I am finding that if I look to my body I notice strongly what feels right and what does not. It is only when I ignore these strong physical feelings do I have a problem.

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