Head hurts, seeing angels, & freaky new skills

Took Jess to my healers association meeting last night at the library. Well, actually she ran off to the teen zone. There should not be that many healers in one room–my head was aching so much from the energies, I thought it would explode! So, I left early. On the way home, I actually began to see the energy I had absorbed and was clearing it out from my body. This is a fascinating skill. Anyhow, when we got home, Jess and I sat and talked to our Guides and compared notes. I found it freaky that I could hear my own Guide so clearly, especially lately. My Guardian Angel, according to Jess looks very “sexy”, has made frequent appearances. I have always been able to hear others’ guides so easily, but my own logical mind can get in the way of believing my own guide’s voice (occupational hazard). With this big shift we’ve all experienced, my guide is closer and louder than ever before! I asked why and he said mysteriously, that is “according to plan”. Hmmmm. Makes you wonder.

On another note of seeing spirits, my daughter came home yesterday saying some woman with short curly hair (spirit lady) followed her around in school for a short time and said to her “Oh, so you’re her!” I had the sad news later that my aunt who had been quite ill had passed. She had never had the pleasure to meet Jessica. She had short curly hair.



  1. I see a ‘twinkle-light’ every now and then and think it’s my guide but that is the only time I’m aware of her presence. Or are my eyes wonky?

  2. Yes. I mean no! Yeah, I see my guides as a twinkle-light that goes in and out. Sometimes when I see others’ guides I see a twinkle light over their heads, especially if they have messages for them.

  3. Twinkle lights – lucky you! !

    The best way for me to describe seeing others guides is like driving through a thick fog to see the massive headlights from a ten tonne truck coming my way around the bend in the road with the horn blaring! Lucky it happens rarely.

    I will say it again – Twinkle lights – lucky you!

  4. I see the twinkle lights too I can sometimes ask where they are and they will appear one quick time to let me know they are there what is it?


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