Energy today & Fairy class announcement

Yesterday I bought a car, and I have to say the experience was daunting. I was so fed up with a barrage of “that’s just the way it is” crap. We had just sold our house and paid off our debt and I find I need more revolving debt to have credit. There’s was a ton of bull crap rules and nasty, pushy behavior, and I found myself yelling. I had total intolerance with all the rules in society that make no sense and don’t take into account the needs of the individual in any way. Then I received the energy alert today and once again-beyond freakiness–I am living exactly what she writes–experiencing such frustration with all the old rules and society and old systems! Everything seems like rules and games to play! I don’t have the patience.

For advice on frustration, I follow my wise dog Emma’s advice–to chew on something, preferably something edible.

On another note, I may be phasing out the Fairy School classes and putting the info all into the book. I will either self-publish it or have a publisher, OR, it will be phased into a bigger book of information. I need my energy back in this area. I will be available for teaching and private mentoring.



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