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New form of healing evolving

 I am finding a new form of healing. For the past few years, I’ve seen symbols and colors and have incorporated them into me and my healing. When I was down for the count and clearing out my 2nd chakra “big” stuff, I intuitively knew and could see there was still some of a block that remained. I was instructed in meditation to draw this picture. The next morning I could visibly SEE the block come out of me! (A little freaky I might add).

healing block Many of my psychic pals were telling me that I was moving out generations of “stuff” and at first, I questioned this, but then I was led to a great book in the library (don’t you just love when that happens?), Hank Wesselman’s Spirit Medicine. I opened up the book to a passage that knocked my socks off! “If a serious illness or severe life trauma was endured by one or more of these individuals (ancestors who have crossed over), it’s recorded within their energy system. And since they’re only removed from us by a generation or two, those conditions may affect us, producing distortions in our own fields that manifest illness.” I was clearing out ancestral “female” stuff! How cool is that?



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2 thoughts on “New form of healing evolving

  1. Hi Ronni

    I have been on a journey of enlightenment for 2 years now and have been experiencing some strange phenomena. But with regard to your ‘illnesses’ this makes sense. I have a seven year gap between illnesses and I was convinced they had something to do with spiritual messages. The latest was blood poisoning through a rather nasty infection in my wisdom tooth. So reading your article was really helpful to put this into perspective.

    Please please keep me in the loop.

    Sue (anam cara)

    PS – my faery guardian is Tatania ….


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