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Energies calming down

My dreams have been so intense and clear lately. Big messages coming through. We went to the dog park last night and I don’t know if it was being stuck in the house all week and then re-emerging, but my sensitivity was up a notch! I could hear the animals clearly who came up to me, feel everyone’s state of mind, and the sounds were louder! What an odd but interesting experience! Yes, I feel like that big surge of energy is calming down, and I think what most of us did, at least subconsciously, was use it for finally breaking through some big emotional blocks inside. I know I did, although it sure wasn’t pleasant! The energies feel like they are here now, and we’ve shifted. We’re at a different place and I think it may take time to get used to. It’s a little like the start of the school year. Remember starting the next grade? How everything felt exciting and different? As long as we focus on the excitement and any whisperings from our soul what we would like to do, we’ll feel good. I find part of me freaking out–what do I do now??? We’re only human, why wouldn’t we have some fear? Of course! (I hate when writers go on and on all high and mighty about the ego and fear is bad. Hello! We are still in human bodies and we still have those darn human reactions and emotions) Let’s all be brave together and see what happens. Thanks for being company on the journey…Artwork new from my Healing Art Alphabet series available at my etsy store. Sunflower



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