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It’s been a tough and long week. I’ve spent most of the week lying down and healing; we are talking MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH kind of healing. Where your body finally gets to have its say! I am blaming the lunar eclipse for the beginning of it all, throwing me into a tailspin, but I think my soul took advantage and said let’s explore what REAL healing looks like. It was time to tackle some serious blocks in creating. I really do feel like there’s been a shift in the energies. Perhaps I am only seeing from my own point of view, but talking to my local healer friends, I learned that many, many were experiencing odd physical complaints with big opportunities to heal, alongside some major emotional shifts.

What I learned:

— to trust my Guides. I am very aware and have thoroughly tested them this past few weeks. Can we trust them? Damn it, we can! We all have these helpers and to begin a long conversation with them is extremely beneficial and life-changing.

–trusting IS hard. We are programmed with so much old stuff that gets in the way. I had to trust my own body and its wisdom, trust my own intuition in the face of fear, and trust my Guides, and I’m not very good at trusting!

–there’s healing and there’s REAL healing. REAL healing gets to the core. Modern science would simply hand you a bandaid or a medication for every ailment, covering up the messages your body is trying to tell you. It can be pretty scary to sit down and ask your body what it is trying to say. We are not taught this kind of thinking.

–It’s okay to rest. What emerged for me was that I had strong workaholic thinking. I thought if I wasn’t working, I must be “bad, lazy, unproductive…” We are not what we produce, although I began to base my entire self-worth on this concept.

–I was guided this week to re-watch one of my favorite movies, Dragonfly. In this carefully crafted story, Kevin Costner plays a very logical left-brained doctor who loses his wife in a horrible accident. Through out the course of the movie, he battles what he’s learned about everything as he is pulled into the world of the supernatural and after-death communication (this is the story of my life!) His ending statement reflects what I’ve been learning, “To trust. To have faith. To believe.”

There’s a whole other world out there along side of us here to help. I see it. I laugh when people still don’t believe. It’s kinda sad. It’s like clearly seeing an elephant in the room and no one believes the obvious! But I guess not everyone’s eyes are open yet.

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