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Fairy and Angel Report

After talking with all the healers around, I realized that everyone is experiencing some crazy energy and there was lots going on in the psychic world. I sat down to talk with my Guardian Angels and Fairy guides and this is what I got, which made sense to my very analytical mind:“Time of toppling towers, old organizations coming apart and disintegrating to be reestablished as a stronger whole. (The Tower card in the Tarot). There’s a silence before change–a regrouping, reestablishing period. That is what you are experiencing. A re-rooting. It’s not planting trees–working with the trees already there. Work with what you have, what makes sense in the world today.

We are seeing this in the government and we will see this in ourselves. If we as healers are connected to the greater consciousness, we are mirroring this within our own lives. Look at your life and what isn’t working, and take what DOES work and build on it, not start over. This is a time of taking old forms and reinventing them.”

The Fairies suggested using DESERT WILLOW POTION that strengthens your feminine nature AND keeps you grounded. Of course, we make that. 🙂

Yesterday was a lunar eclipse that brought in some new energies. There was a shift. Mars, and its aggressive ways was moving farther away and a new feminine wave is moving in. I sure fell it yesterday when the energies were crazy and chaotic and my head ached. There was much activity last night in our house! Lucky for me, my psychic daughter saw it too.



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